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The Peaceful Night

Like A Duck Publishing, a provider of excellent mystery, detective and thriller stories is proud to announce the free release of Part 1 of its second novel, The Peaceful Night, by Harry F. Smith (Click Here for Bio).

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In this thriller, a category five hurricane unexpectedly barrels into Central Florida, causing massive destruction to the area. The residents of La Noche PacŪfica, an exclusive ultra-snooty gated community, become trapped in the wreckage and do their best to survive until help comes. Jake White, a newcomer to Orlando, battles inept neighbors, horny brain-dead dogs, hungry alligators and his stoned out son while Lieutenant Samantha Knudson tries to convince her supervisors at the Fleet Numerical Meteorology and Oceanography Center of the impending storm. Along the way, retired Mafia boss Vito Capputo delivers a lesson in manners to a neighborhood brat, Stanley Drudge, a well-known alcoholic and sex pervert, struggles with his demons while Juanita Perez, a housekeeper for The Dog Lady fights for her life in the storm.

"He had yelled at Paul to take out the garbage two days ago and then once again this morning, but being the average American teenager, his sonís attention span was severely diminished by an alien disease that made his brain cells unable to communicate with each other properly whenever there was input from a parental figure. The huge amounts of marijuana that he smoked before, during and after his community college classes didnít help either. At this point in his young life, the only things his neurons could process correctly were the most primitive of basic teen skills such as memorizing the lyrics to every rap song ever produced. Judging from the way that Paul wore his pants sagging over his skinny ass and spoke in the latest gangster ghetto slang, he was one bong hit away from being classified as a drooling idiot."

This is a free download. Left click here to view Parts 1 & 2 of 'The Peaceful Night' as a PDF file. Right click and select 'Save Link As' to download the file to your computer. (1,030K)

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